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"eesy" is the synonym for the state of the art software to develop forging processes.
The well known products of this series are used worldwide by forging companies in hot and cold forging.

Our aim:

The eesy software products are made by CPM GMBH in Germany. We provide the latest state of technology and software design to enable our worldwide customers to design their processes at less cost and at high quality.

Our organization:

CPM is based in Germany and focus on research and development in forging technology to provide latest state of the art service to our customers.

CPM is member of the GCFG (German Cold Forging Group), the DSV (Deutscher Schraubenverband), the ICFG (International Cold Forging Group) and others.

CPM is well respected as partner by the leading forging companies and machine suppliers around the world. We have customers and representatives in all mayor countries of forging business.

CPM was founded in 1987. The owners are Dr. Gerhard H. Arfmann and Dr. Michael Twickler. The owners stay for best service to the customers and best quality of the products. By direct contact to all customers they guaranty the best possible service.

Contact information

CPM has agents around the world. Please check for the agent of your area.

The central contact information:

+49 2407 95940
+49 2407 959466
Kaiserstrasse 100, 52134 Herzogenrath, Germany



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